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The Australian Power Institute

The Australian Power Institute (API) represents major Australian power companies in addressing the skills gap in power engineering whose vision is:

"To deliver a Sustainable Supply of highly Skilled Power Engineering Professionals working effectively to meet the challenges of Creating Australia’s New Energy Future and Underpin the Technical and Commercial Success of Member Companies in the Energy Sector. Through maximizing collaboration between Industry, Universities, Professional Bodies and Government in Power Engineering Education, Research and Training"

The key objectives of API are:

  • Provide a sustainable supply of quality power engineering graduates to industry
  • University undergraduate power engineering teaching and learning provides relevant industry skills
  • Value added continuing professional development programs ensure that professional engineers throughout their careers acquire engineering skills at the forefront of industry best practice
  • Support industry innovation initiatives through applied research to transition the industry to the future
  • API is positioned as a respected organisation leading the national development of power engineering skills

In summary, The API is a non-profit organisation representing the interests of the wider electricity industry. The aim is to ensure Australia has a sustainable supply of power engineering professionals equipped with the right skills to develop a sustainable energy future. API initiatives target education, collaboration, diversity and improved communication to facilitate targeted academic programs and industry sponsored research that will deliver the next generation of innovative, high quality power engineering professionals.

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