200 Solar Cars in Schools

  Since 2012, API has supported the ATSE STELR program and is happy to announce that there is now 200 schools participating in the Solar Car Challenge! An event was held at Park Ridge SHS (200th school) on 25 OCT. Key guests at the event were Mr. Linus Power, QLD Parliament Member for Logan, Ms Sharon Amos, Principal of Park Ridge SHS, & Park Ridge SHS Head of Science, Mr Ross Bradford.


CIGRE Australia Next Generation Network

  CIGRE NGN is the first step for young engineers (up to 35 years old) to directly interact with one of the largest and most prestigious international power industry bodies and its FREE for students to join.


PowerChem Conference Newsletter

  The API PowerChem conference is the pre-eminent power station chemistry conference, exhibition and training course in the southern hemisphere which the API is proud to be able to offer to the energy industry. Find out more in the newsletter.