$4000 cash, plus paid vacation employment.
Get paid to apply your university studies.
Up to 20 Bursaries available in 2016.

The Australian Power Institute (API) is working to support the education and professional development of power engineers across Australia. API is offering Power Engineering Bursaries to engineering students with an interest in areas of engineering relevant to the electric power industry. The majority of bursaries will be awarded to 1st year students with a proportion available to 2nd and 3rd years.

We are seeking high quality electrical engineering, mechanical/mechatronics engineering students and renewable energy students with an interest in power engineering. The scale of investment and technological change required in the Australian energy sector is significant and real engineering talent will be needed to meet the customer expectations for price, reliability and service of electricity for the future.

The bursaries provide a cash value of $4,000 over 4 years plus the opportunity where available of paid employment with member companies during the summer vacations. This may require travel and/or relocation away from home to undertake this paid vacation employment.

As the API is keen to broaden student bursary involvement with companies from a new and emerging renewable energy sector background. The API Bursary is available to Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents.

Applications are now closed for 2016. APPLICATIONS FOR 2017 WILL RE OPEN IN FEBRUARY 2017.

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