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The Australian Power Institute organises a series of intensive Master Class courses, specifically designed to refresh and boost the knowledge of current and upcoming industry professionals. These courses, that include a range from 12-25 participants, are held at various locations across the nation, allowing for easier accessibility to all participants. The courses usually consist of two days of intensive training including lectures, key speaker presentations and shared insight to experience from current industry professionals.

Examples of Past/Future API Masterclass topics:

  • IEC 61850 Systems Integrations
  • Systems & Commisioning Testing
  • Masterclass in Engineering Change
  • Inclusion & Diversity Masterclass

Please contact us if you/your company has a specific area/topic in which your team could use a Masterclass. We are happy to contact our network and see if we can get a series organised to address current gaps in the industry. 



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Places are LIMITED - REGISTER NOW for this unique opportunity to participate in this MASTERCLASS !

The Australian Power Institute and CIGRE Australia have joined to bring to Australia, Dr Wallace Vosloo - one of the worlds pre-eminent experts on High Voltage Insulators to present a Master Class Series on Outdoor High voltage Insulators.

Dr Vosloo will present the two day master class across Australia in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.


The Master Class in “Outdoor High Voltage Insulators” is intended to provide an understanding of the factors which dictate the behavior of overhead line and substation insulators and to generate an appreciation of the parameters which have a significant influence on their performance and life.

The emphasis of the course is definitely on the “practical”, and simple procedures, decision tables, flow charts and inspection sheets are included to assist those involved in the design and operation of electrical transmission and distribution systems.


The course is a practical guide for utility staff and consulting engineers responsible for the selection, installation and maintenance of insulators for outdoor high voltage lines and substations. Engineers and technical staff involved with the specification,
procurement, design and asset management of insulators will greatly benefit.

Insulator types and their characteristics, electrical, mechanical, material and environmental considerations, insulator selection, tests and specifications, failure mechanisms, handling and installation practices, line and substation performance improvement, and pollution mitigation techniques are all dealt with in detail, with emphasis on practical field application.


Dr Wallace Vosloo, (Pr.Eng, NHD, BSc (Physics), PhD(Eng.Sci), FSAIEE, SMIEEE)

Dr. Vosloo has over 25 years of experience in the field of High Voltage Engineering. He Corporate Specialist High Voltage at Eskom and presents various training courses in the field of High Voltage Engineering.

He has authored and co-authored over 100 papers in topics related to the field of high voltage insulators. He has also written the books “The Practical Guide to Outdoor High Voltage Insulators”, co-authored by Roy Macey and Dr C de Tourreil and “High Voltage Engineering Practice and Theory” along with Dr JP Holtzhausen.

Dr Vosloo is a recipient of the SAIEE President’s Award for his contribution to the development of high voltage insulator research and investigation capabilities and standards in South Africa and the Claude de Tourreil Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Field of Electrical Insulation. He is also an active member of various national and international working groups.







Each Master Class will have a minimum of 12 participants based on registration number two weeks prior the event. To ensure an interactive event, numbers will be held at a maximum of 35.

Places are LIMITED - REGISTER NOW for this unique opportunity to participate in this MASTERCLASS !