Industry supports engineers

General News Townsville

Shane Jenkin from Kirwan and Benjamin Moore from Douglas have received a funding boost to help with their university studies as part of a program to attract and retain talented young engineers to the State's energy sector.

They were among 17 Queensland power engineering students to receive an $8000 bursary from the Power Engineering Alliance (PEA), an industry body supported by public and private companies involved in Queensland's power industry.

Chair of Power Engineering Alliance and chief operating officer of Powerlink Queensland, Simon Bartlett, said the bursary scheme is just one part of the Power Engineering Alliance's $5 million commitment to strengthen the skills base across the state's power industry through education, research and professional development.

"The energy industry has a pivotal role to play in our state's future and the bursaries provide our young power engineers with $8000 and the chance to develop practical, real world skills through work experience and short term employment contracts," he said.

"It is this hands-on experience across the power engineering supply chain as well as the networking opportunities with peers and senior professionals that are considered the most valuable."

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