To enhance communication with API members and Partner Universities it has been decided to prepare this Quarterly Newsletter immediately following API Board meetings

  1. The Board approved the API Strategic Plan 2010 – following the Strategic Planning session with university representatives in February,2010.
  2. The Board approved 23 proposals from 12 universities totalling $865,000.
  3. The API Board approved the continuation of the National API Power Engineering Program with a commitment of $450,000 in 2010/11.
  4. 1. The Board approved the final draft "Heads of Agreement" and delegated the CE/Secretary to makeminor changes as necessary and sign the Heads of Agreement on behalf of the API Board.
  5. API Cooperative Research Centre CRC) Preliminary Scoping
  6. The Board approved a contribution of $75,000 to the ATSE Science and Technology education Leveraging Relevance (STELR) Project.
  7. board_outcome_may2010

Click here to download Newsletter for May 2010.

Wednesday 4 August, 2010 8.30am to 3pm University of New South Wales(UNSW), Sydney.