NOVEMBER, 2010 - QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER (following 3 November meeting of Board)

  1. Progress report of API National Bursary program and Review of Bursary Eligibility Criteria
  2. The Board endorsed the program of presentations, site visits and syndicate topics for the 2011. Promotion of the 2011 Summer School to API members advising of theme, aims and benefits. Theme is “Delivering Community Value through Optimised Power System Performance” Closing Date for Registrations: 5 November, 2010.
  3. The API Constitution changes to incorporate agreed new Board representational arrangements were approved at the AGM, filling of 2 Board positions from General Industry sector.
  4. Board Approval to approach API Member companies to seek in principle support for the CRC Bid and an indication of the level of monetary and in-kind support available (final commitments will not be required until finalisation of the CRC Business Plan/Case). A copy of Draft CRC Business Plan will be included with the letter to API Member CEO/MD’s
  5. API Request for Funding Proposals from Universities for 2011/12 Financial Year document will be available to all universities with a commitment to power engineering education. University proposals to be received by 4 February, 2011

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Next meeting (to be run in conjunction with 2011 API Summer School).