MARCH 2011 - QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER (following 3 March meeting of Board)

  1. The API Board received input from university representatives on the evening before the Board annual Strategic Plan Review Session.
  2. Update on API Power Engineering Summer School (Residential) 2011.
  3. The Board received the report from CE on the amalgamation of API with APA and that the amalgamation was completed on 1 January, 2011.
  4. The CE advised that 2 new Board members were elected unopposed in the General Industry sector, these being Barry Finlay (Aurecon) and Ed Wilson (Wilson Transformers)
  5. The Board approved 16 Projects totalling $675,780 with 12 universities across Australia.
  6. API Request for Proposals from Universities for Funding in 2011/12 Financial Year.
  7. Update: API Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Steering Group will work with CRC Bid Management Team to prepare documentation required for the CRC Bid.

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10 MAY, 2011 – Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre