MAY 2011 - QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER (following 10 May meeting of Board)

  1. The API Board approved the Strategic Plan and Actions for 2011-2015 and the Detailed Budget/statement of Financial Performance for $3,309,000 of expenditure in 2011/12

  2. API 2012 Steering Group in May and end July to finalise preliminary program and promotional brochure for Summer School.
  3. The Board endorsed the API CRC Bid in accordance with the proposed Terms (Industry Cash contribution of $1.5M p.a. + Industry In Kind contribution of $1.0M p.a.) and the Board delegated to the API Board CRC Subcommittee the review of final CRC Submission documentation and the decision to submit the CRC Bid by the due date of 30 June, 2011
  4. The Board approved 16 Projects to a total of $675,780 with 12 universities across Australia.
  5. The Board approved a donation of $75,000 to the ATSE – STELR Project in 2011/12

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Next Meeting 2nd AUGUST 2011 – RMIT Melbourne.