Report – API Submission to "Inquiry into the Shortage of Engineering and related Employment Skills" by Australian Senate Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Committee Conclusions

Skills shortages are widespread in the engineering profession in Australia, and many forecasts indicate this is likely to worsen over the coming years. The electricity supply industry has experienced key shortages of professional technical skills over the past decade and has responded by developing the Australian Power Institute to collaboratively improve the quality and supply of power engineers. Progress and results have confirmed the value of the approaches taken to date.

The technical, pricing and operational challenges facing the energy supply industry and the nation are unprecedented, and will be long lasting. Carbon reduction targets to 2050 have been set and will require ongoing innovation to achieve. Managing the skills shortage in the electricity supply industry is crucial to enabling satisfactory responses to these challenges. Government support through additional targeted funding will enable rapid advances to be made by building on early success and leveraging the engagement and commitment of API members and university partners.

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