26 October 2016

As The Australian Power Institute (API) has been a long-term sponsor of the ATSE’S STELR program, together they have just celebrated the 200th STELR school in Australia to receive an API solar car class set.

Park Ridge State High School in Brisbane is the 200th school to engage with the solar car activity as part of the STELR (Science and Technology Education Leveraging Relevance) program focused on bringing a new approach to science and technology learning to Australian High schools students.

API has been supporting STELR with the solar cars program since 2012 – each car is valued at $70 and a class set at about $1000. Schools apply for sponsorship, successful schools receive a class set free of charge.

Successful schools also receive a visit from a power engineering student who holds an API Bursary to assist with their study costs. The bursary holder visits the school once or twice to help with construction of the cars, judge a race between the students’ solar cars and talk to students about careers in power engineering.

Key guests at the Park Ridge celebrations today (11am-1pm, Park Ridge State High School, Lancewood Street, Park Ridge) were Mr Linus Power, the Queensland Parliament Member for Logan, Ms Sharon Amos, Principal of Park Ridge SHS, and Park Ridge SHS Head of Science, Mr Ross Bradford.

A highlight of the celebrations was the display of a Clenergy Team Arrow car (Clenergy Team Arrow is Australia’s premier solar racing team). Mr Cameron Tuesley, Clenergy Team Arrow founder, was a guest speaker.

API CEO Mr. Mike Griffin said API was gratified that 200 Australian schools were now participating in the solar car program. “Having this number of schools and students involved is a clear signal that our partnership with ATSE in focusing students on power engineering and alternate energy sources is bearing fruit,” he said.

For more information about the ATSE's STELR Program contact:

Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering:

Bill Mackey, Deputy CEO
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Peter Pentland, Executive Manager ATSE Schools Program
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