March 2 2017

Each year, facilitators consisting of industry professionals, propose a case study along with a current problem/need that the industry is facing. Delegates are asked to join a syndicate group/topic in which they are not currently working in order to widen their knowledge and broaden their outlook. Throughout the duration of the Summer School, delegates conduct thorough research within their area/topic in order to come up with an effective & realistic solution.

This year there were 8 groups consisting of 4-5 delegates with topic areas ranging from IEC61850 Goose Messaging in Multi-Vendor Environment, Optimising Investment in Bush Fire Risk Management Strategies, Distribution Network Improvement Project, Automatic Circuit Reclosers as an Isolating Device, Effective Network Augmentation using Probabilistic Planning, Technology/Storage for Voltage Management in Distribution Systems, Demand Management and Energy Efficiency, and New Trans Australian Interconnection.

At the end of the program, delegates produced a detailed report and gave a 25-minute presentation to share their findings. These presentations were graded by a diverse panel of 3 judges and were assessed on the innovation, originality, knowledge content and quality of the presentation. This year's group of delegates especially impressed the judges with their persistent work/study and content knowledge levels which were obvious through their presentations. The winner of the perpetual API Summer School plaque was the New Trans Australian Interconnection which was facilitated by Prof. Simon Bartlett (UQ).

Congratulations to Will Wong (Western Power), Shanika Vithange (Endeavour), Jennifer Hughes (TransGrid), Charles King (Powerlink), & Mack Xue (AusGrid) for winning the 2017 “Best Syndicate Presentation Award”!