8 May 2017

After attending the Australian Solar & Storage Conference in Melbourne, the API hosted an informal networking event after the conference on Thursday 4 May from 4:00-5:00pm. API invited along VIC bursary holders, past Summer School delegates, and CIGRE NGN/API Mentors to come along to the event. This was a great opportunity for all parties to get together on an informal platform and network with their piers/colleagues within the industry.

It was great to see individuals from all facets of the industry come together to casually discuss their experiences and share advice amongst one another. In one case, two past API Bursary Holders were introduced for the first time and discovered they now work for the same company, in the same building but had not met yet! This is the beauty of networking, there are always relationships to be built which often fly under the radar in day to day work schedules.

API is excited to continue to roll out more networking events like this in each state this year with Brisbane being the next location on the radar.


About API

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