15 June 2018


API Linking Industry and Universities to Strengthen Academic Quality

Industry driven innovation projects/initiatives which the API facilitated and ENA funded with other industry partners will total $5.33M over the next 2 years.

The cash funding of these projects by ENA through member contributions will be only 20% of the total project costs due to the substantial leveraging that has been achieved: $5 of research/innovation work for every $1 of cash contribution.

API’s objective in its collaboration with ENA on the Innovation Initiative is to strengthen the skills of future STEM professional graduates working in the energy industry by enhancing the capability of university academics and their teaching curriculum. This will be achieved through academics working collaboratively with industry on industry driven “real world” research and innovation such as the projects scoped by industry over the last 12 months. API is also well placed to assist with “knowledge sharing” to both industry and academia of the outcomes of all innovation and research in the energy industry to provide a sustainable supply of industry STEM professionals with contemporary skills.

Further details are provided in the following Newsletter.

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