8 August 2018


Masterclass in Optimal Power Flow For Transmission & Distribution


Operation of transmission and distribution networks is becoming increasingly challenging. Network loading is steadily increasing and flow patterns are becoming less predictable as renewable resources replace conventional generation. Under such conditions, ideal operating strategies are often difficult to determine and track. Optimal power flow (OPF) addresses this challenge by determining optimal set-point values throughout a network such that a specified objective (such as generator cost or loss minimization) is met whilst satisfying network constraints, including voltage, line-flow and generator limits.

This course is designed for practicing engineers in planning, operations, and markets who undertake studies of transmission and/or distribution networks. The course will provide a thorough coverage of OPF algorithms and applications. It will begin by considering the various power flow models and representations that are commonly used in OPF. Contingencies will be incorporated through N-1 security and operating reserves.

Melbourne: 23rd & 24th October 2018

Registrations close 19 October 2018

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