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MASTER CLASS – Power Transformer Insulation

The Australasian Transformer Innovation Centre (TIC) at the University of Queensland, will be hosting its first Master Class. Power transformers are the most expensive plant in a high voltage substation. The heart of a power transformer is the insulation. The insulation condition has major impact on the life and reliability of a power transformer. However, the material science of cellulosic insulation and insulation electric design principles are often the least understood area for those who specify, procure, operate, maintain and manage power transformers.

Aim of this Course

Drive your competitive advantage and enhance the performance of your transformer assets through:

✔ Practical industry led research that generates breakthrough innovations
✔ Ensuring you have the essential transformer skills for the future
✔ Having access to key knowledge that delivers tangible strategic benefits and savings.

Course Dates/Program/Presenters

Brisbane: 17-18 October 2019 Christoph Krause Weidmann, Michael O’Brien GE
Sydney: 21-22 October 2019 Christoph Krause Weidmann, Rob Milledge ABB
Melbourne: 24-25 October 2019 Christoph Krause Weidmann, Deepak Maini/Arun Mathur/Bijay Lal WTC


TIC Members Platinum Member $1,454.20 pp
NON TIC MEMBERS One attendee $1,845.80 pp
Three or more non TIC Members 10% DISCOUNT

All prices are inclusive of GST.

Learning Outcomes

image of course aims text

To understand the function(s) of pressboard and paper in power transformers To become acquainted with the key insulation components of power transformers To get to know the characteristics and challenges of cellulosic insulation with regard to ...

  1. cellulosic insulation manufacturing
  2. insulation electric design principles
  3. transformer windings sizing (drying), static winding clamping and oil impregnation
  4. operation: aging phenomena

Learn about transformer secret killers

To know and assess the key parameters which determine the end-of-life of transformers.

To be exposed to:

  • Alternatives to paper and oil
  • Understanding design impacts of the specified connection symbol and non-uniform insulation, if used
  • Understanding designer choices of winding geometry including use of centre-entry
  • Understanding how the test requirements set what insulation is needed

To be acquainted with dielectric withstand, partial discharge inception and breakdown in transformers including:

  1. Breakdown Behaviour – Initiation, Propagation, Breakdown<
  2. Insulation Co-ordination and Waveshape (BIL, SIL vs AC)
  3. Puncture and Creep Breakdown

Understand winding types and their application

Learn about dielectric dimensioning

  • Major Insulation (between windings and to earth)
  • Minor Insulation (within windings)

Understand the differences between mineral oil and esters:

  • Implications for power transformer insulation design
  • Thermal behaviour
  • Moisture interaction
  • Benefits and risks

Be acquainted with dynamic short circuit behaviour in transformers and insulation response.

The Melbourne course includes a factory tour* of Wilsons world class manufacturing facilities.

This tour will demonstrate the key aspects of transformer designs, construction, testing and quality pertaining to transformer insulation.

* Restrictions may apply to the factory tour.

Target Audience

The course will deliver theoretical background information with "hands on" practical experiences suited to procurement, asset strategies, operations and maintenance managers, and engineers in generation, transmission and distribution, renewables, manufacturing, mining industrial and infrastructure organisations.


This master class will be presented by experts in both cellulosic manufacture and power transformer design and test.

Christoph Krause Weidmann

Christoph received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in electrical engineering from the ETH (Federal Polytechnic University) Zürich, Switzerland. He worked for seven years at the high-voltage laboratory of BBC (Brown Boveri) in Baden Switzerland, developing metal oxide surge arresters. He is currently vice president of the pressboard manufacturing company Weid­mann Electrical Technology  AG  in  Rapperswil Switzerland, where he has been employed since 1989.

Before being assigned the ‘senior technology adviser’ function, he held the head position of the R&D department for more than 20 years, which com­prised high-voltage, chemical, mechanical, optical and aging laboratories as well as the CAD/CAE power transformer insulation design office. He has been and is still active in various international bodies (IEC and CIGRE working groups), and (co-) author of several scientific publications in the field of transformer cellulosic insula­tion.

Michael O’Brien GE Renewable Energy - Grid Solutions

Michael in an experienced transformer designer, and was previously Electrical Engineering Manager of the Alstom transformer factory in Rocklea, Queensland. Michael now works for the GE service business based in Brisbane.

He has skills in transformer uprating studies, inspections & condition assessments, in-service re-clamps, fault and failure investigations, and bushing replacements.

Rob Milledge ABB Australia

Rob has had over 40 years experience in Power Transformer electrical and mechanical design, manufacturing, and test, for voltages to 550 kV and ratings to 1,125 MVA. Rob is the Chair of EL/8 Committee Standards Australia and a member of CIGRE committee – AP A2  Panel. Rob is the Technology Manager and Application Engineer South East Asia Region for ABB Australia.

Deepak Maini Wilson Transformer Company

Deepak is the Power Business Engineering Manager at Wilson’s Glen Waverly factory Melbourne.

Deepak has more than 35 years of experience in the power transformer manufacturing industry with specific knowledge in design, quality control, test and failure investigations of power transformers.

He was previously Electrical Design Manager at GEC Alsthom, India (now GE Power).

Arun Mathur Wilson Transformer Company

Arun has more than 29 years of experience in the transformer manufacturing industry. After completing his Masters in Power System form IIT Delhi in 1990 he joined Crompton Greaves (CG) India as Transformer Design Engineer. In 1999 he migrated to Australia and since then working with the Engineering team of Wilson Transformer Company. His area of interests includes new product development and analysis & optimization of power transformers.  He has recently taken responsibility as Test Engineering Manager at Wilson’s Glen Waverley factory Melbourne.

Bijay Lal Wilson Transformer Company

Bijay is the Electrical Engineering Manager at Wilson’s Glen Waverly factory Melbourne.

Bijay has 28+ years of experience in Large Transformer Engineering and Manufacturing with ALSTOM India, Wilson Transformer Company Australia and Waukesha Electric System USA. Trained extensively in EHV class transformer design in ALSTOM, Stafford UK and Saint Ouen, France plant. Introduced 1st EHV class power transformer in ALSTOM India adopting the common technology used over all transformer manufacturing unit of ALSTOM worldwide. Experience in setting-up the EHV class transformer plant with Waukesha Electric System, USA. This new transformer plant is suitable to manufacture up to 1200 MVA, 3-phase Auto Transformer and 900 MVA, 3-phase Generator step up unit to cater the demand of North American market.


Registrations close 10th October 2019 or earlier if all places are filled.

During the course, there will be a group discussions where one can learn how other companies are managing their transformer insulation assets.

Participants are encouraged to contribute to these discussions, or raise questions about the issues they face. We look forward to seeing you at one of the above courses.