• Agile - Innovative - Supportive
  • A focus on Change and Innovation for a Fully Integrated Renewable Energy Market
  • Sunday 16th - Friday 20th February 2020


The Sebel Hotel & Conference Center. Pelican Waters, Sunshine Coast, QLD 4551.


  • Delegates will broaden thinking, boost experience levels and develop strategic leadership skills associated with the
  • development and implementation of technology
  • Improved understanding of various technologies' economic, technical and customer value
  • Gain access to a range of best practice solutions (through industry leaders sharing case studies and practical experiences)
  • Establish a network of contacts across the industry/nation
  • Increased understanding of the environment within which networks are managed - an understanding of the need for an adaptive and responsive network
  • Energise delegates to take the learnings/knowledge gained


Total investment for the summer school includes a first class to make a difference and to lead change in their organisation residential program (including group activities and site visits), electronic copies of all presentations, accommodation and meals (including all group dinners and functions) and an attendance certificate for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in accordance with EA CPD guidelines.

How will delegates personally benefit?

Through accelerated development in the only first class whole of industry program, this will reduce the need to attend multiple development activities. Delegates will:

  • Improve global industry knowledge and position delegates for professional advancement
  • Receive certificate of continuing professional development completion
  • Advance Personal CV

Registration Deadlines

Early Bird cut off date: November 29th, 2019 (saving of up to $1,000).
Registration close date: January 15th, 2020.

Survey statistics consistently prove that delegates consider it an honour to attend the API Summer School


  • Provide power engineers with 4-15 years of experience (can include para professionals) from all sectors of the industry (i.e. generation, renewables, transmission, distribution, consulting, manufacturing, end users) with an understanding of the industry drivers and key issues
  • Provide experienced engineers from other industries, joining the power industry, with power engineering applied fundamentals and best practice
  • Provide accelerated technical leadership skills and awareness of technology to enhance business performance through high performing power engineering staff
  • Bring industry personal with diverse backgrounds together to share learnings and experiences in order to develop personal networks for ongoing future career development


  • Improved understanding of drivers and issues in all sectors including the need to be adaptive and responsive to meet customer and community expectations
  • Accelerated development and sharing of learning through case studies, field/site visits and a practical industry syndicate project.
  • Update on best practice, technology and industry solutions
  • Development towards future positions of leadership of engineering teams and technical specialists.
  • Established network of power engineering industry contacts + USB with delegate profiles.
  • New thinking and skills ready to be applied in the workplace to "make a difference"


  • Delegates will enhance their leadership amd technical thinking and overall business contribution
  • Provide delegates with essential mix of resources in order to provide a smooth transition into future leader/manager roles
  • Allows for all conference participants (delegates, presenters, syndicate leaders) from various levels and diverse backgrounds to interact and share knowledge
  • Provides new insight to resolve industry issues and provide innovative solutions that will keep companies relevant and sustainable into the future


  • Residential, intensive two week program in a first class learning environment
  • Each day's program will commence with an introduction to the Drivers, Key Issues and Fundamentals of the designated "daily theme" and then build towards options, solutions, and industry best practice. Each session will have ample question time to facilitate interaction between delegates and expert presenters
  • Extensive use of case studies to share learnings and problems encountered
  • Mix of expert presenters, panels/forums, site visits and syndicate work, to ensure maximum learning outcomes.
  • Balance of presentations from industry and universities to ensure a sound understanding of fundamentals and practical application within industry
  • Syndicate teams of 3-5 will be formed to work on a defined industry case study and/or problem which will be facilitated by a subject matter expert. Delegates are requested to select a topic/field that they are not currently working in so that they can widen their knowledge and broaden their outlook • Networking with high performing technical staff identified as potential leaders in the industry (delegates consider it an honour to attend)
  • Support by local universities
  • Recognised as a Continuing Professional Development activity (refer to Engineers Australia Guidelines for recognition of CPD hours)
  • Provision of a safe environment, particularly during site visits. (Delegates are responsible for providing their personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Opportunity to explore local attractions during limited leisure time
  • To obtain maximum benefit from this program delegates should plan no other work commitments during the 2 week period


Delegates are advised that partners and/or families should NOT JOIN in attendance due to the intensive nature of the program and schedule


Sebel Hotel G Conference Centre - Approx. 35 minutes from Sunshine Coast Airport Venue Facilities:

  • Serviced/Air Conditioned Guest Rooms
  • Free High-Speed Internet Access in conference areas and rooms
  • Stunning Coastal Setting
  • Purpose Built Meeting Facilities G Spacious Break Out Rooms
  • Tennis, On-site Gym, Golf Course
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Airport transfers will be provided to/from venue G local Airport


  • "The API Summer School is the most valuable career development event I@apos;ve attended in my 10 years in the industry."
  • "The API Summer School has given me a fresh perspective of our industry and where it is heading. The network of industry contacts I've developed over these two weeks will be invaluable as we tackle the challenges ahead of us!"
  • "The Summer School in building a network of friendships and connections that I will rely on throughout my career. The technical depth and breadth of the Summer School is unlike any conference I've been to."
  • "The course gave me an excellent insight to the challenges that the industry as a whole is facing. Prior to the summer school I was concerned about the status of the industry and felt opportunities in the industry may be limited in the future, it has made me optimistic about the future of the industry and the opportunities that exist within the industry."
  • "Amazing opportunity to engage with, learn from and challenge the best in the industry. Superbly organised and run and heaps of fun."


  • When asked "The amount of value added to your career development: " 96% of attendees rated this experience “Excellent/ Good " for a refresh and update of knowledge and to broaden understanding of best practice in power engineering.
  • Overall evaluation; 76+% rated the Summer School “Excellent " with 24+% rating it “Good Value " and 100% of delegates responding they are prepared to recommend the Program/Summer School to their colleagues/managers.


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To register attendee position(s), please visit Register Now! Technical inquiries may be addressed to API Chief Executive, Mike Griffin