As The Australian Power Institute (API) is constantly working to support the education and professional development of engineers & technologists in the energy industry across Australia, API is offering Bursaries to engineering & technology students with an interest in areas of engineering relevant to the electric power industry. The majority of bursaries will be awarded to 1st year students with a proportion available to 2nd and 3rd years.

API is seeking high quality electrical, mechanical, mechatronics, data science, and renewable energy related engineering students with an interest in power engineering. The scale of investment and technological change required in the Australian energy sector is significant and real & diverse engineering & technology talent is needed to meet the customer expectations for price, reliability and service of electricity for the future.

API offers a Energy Industry Bursaries to students undertaking degree level studies in engineering relevant to the power industry at particular Australian universities as follows:

  • Available to current engineering students (the majority of bursaries will be awarded to 1st year students with a proportion available to 2nd and 3rd year students)
  • studying electrical, mechanical/mechatronics or power industry related degrees or studying a mix of science, technology, & engineering subjects relating to power industry other subjects e.g. telecommunications/computing/IoT/Data Science etc.
  • Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Selection of Bursary students will be based on the capability and attributes of students, and alignment to our community‚Äôs mission to develop a capable, innovative, passionate and diverse and inclusive technical and engineering workforce for the power sector.

The bursaries provide a cash value of $4,000 over 4 years plus the opportunity where available of paid employment with member companies during the summer vacations. This may require travel and/or relocation away from home to undertake this paid vacation employment.

As the API is keen to broaden student bursary involvement with companies from a new and emerging renewable energy sector background. The API Bursary is available to Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents.



2021 Bursary Flyer. Download

2021 Bursary Program Overview (PowerPoint).

API Bursary Networking and Awards Functions

API and individual sponsors provide opportunities each year for bursary holders to meet and interact with industry engineers and managers. The networking and awards events are conducted on a very informal basis for maximum benefit and have been highly valued by both parties. Frequently they are combined with site visits at local sponsor companies.

The Bursary Awards functions are held on a State by State basis. Dates and locations will be announced 2 weeks in advance. Due to the COVID-19 conditions, API is currently restructuring timeline and will confirm details as soon as possible.

Bursary Sponsors