Vacation Placements:

Vacation Placements are made available to 2nd & 3rd bursary holders during the summer semester break, from about October until commencement of studies in February. These placements vary in length from 6-12 weeks, depending on the requirements of each placement and availability of the bursary holder.

Selection Process

A selection panel, will coordinate the selection process and ultimately select the bursary recipients. There is currently a commitment for the funding of at least 20 new bursaries; however, the actual number of bursaries awarded will depend on the success in obtaining additional sponsors.

Summary of Actions for API Bursary Holders

Table below summarises the main tasks for bursary holders & sponsor companies to follow-up with the State Bursary Coordinator:

ActivityAction Required Date
Second & Third Year Bursary Students Advise of Availability to Undertake Summer Vacation Placement. Start : August
Finish: August
  • Current Bursary Holders (BH) (2nd, 3rd and 4th Year if double degree) are to nominate their Summer vacation preferences by emailing their State Bursary Coordinator (SBC) with completed:
    1. Vacation Placement Nomination Form Download
    2. Current 'Resume' or 'CV'
  • Documents are to be submitted to SBC by end of AUG
Bursary Student Vacation Placement Preliminary Selection Interviews September University Mid Semester Break or close to this. Half Day Session with all API Member reps and API Bursary Students (regional students to join via teleconference) Summer Vacation placements Interview Workshop Agenda:
  • Group Exercise / Role Play (40 minutes) - Optional
  • Industry Rep Briefings on Company and Roles Available to all students (5-8 minutes each – max 40 mins)
  • Individual Student Interviews with Industry Member representatives (5 minutes each – max 120 minutes)
  • Following Interviews Bursary Students to advise of any preferences they may have for the summer vacation (if any) (10 mins max)
  • Industry reps meet and select bursary students for summer vacation placements as a group (max 60 mins)

API State Bursary Coordinators advised of recommended API Bursary student's vacation placements.
Bursary Students Advised of Recommended Summer Vacation Placements and Follow Up Interviews (if required). By End September SBC advises students of recommended Summer Vacation Placements, final interview contact details if requested and contact details for finalising vacation placement timings, location etc.
Summer Vacation Placement Arrangements with Bursary students Finalised By End October API Member Industry Reps advise API Bursary Students of Summer Work Placement Arrangements. Download the Employer Guidelines

Vacation Placement Guidelines

Students are required to turn in a Vacation Placement Report upon completion of their employment. A guide to writing the report can be found here

See examples of past reports below.

  1. Summary of vacation work for: 2016~2017 API Bursary Holders
    1. Click here to download the Vacation Placement Process & Timeline Guide