The career development program was developed due to the industry experiencing shortages and recruitment difficulties for Senior Engineers and for power engineering management nation wide.

The historically large proportion (25%) of power engineers less than 30 years of age, combined with the reduction in the 40-49 year band (from 30% to 20%), will accentuate continuing professional development challenges.

With almost 30% of the estimated 6,500 power engineers already over 50 years of age, there will be a major exodus of professional staff through retirements over the next decade.

The API Board consequently proposed a career development program for mid career professionals (4-10 years experience) to prepare/facilitate the pipeline of future senior/experienced engineers for industry.

The program was piloted in Victoria in 2013 with six member companies (AEMO, GDF Suez, Wilson Transformer Company, Aurecon, SP-AusNet, United Energy) nominating 15 participants on the program.


  • Increase pipeline of experienced, capable and innovative professionals to lead productivity and new technology contributions – contribute to industry cost reduction and increased service provision objectives
  • Develop business and technical leadership, mentoring and coaching skills of mid career engineers – which will also support developing the increased proportion of young professionals (industry engineers under 30 have increased from 14% in 2004 to 25% in 2011).
  • Use collective resources of API membership to complement in-company programs and achieve reductions in training and development expenditures and overheads
Career Development Program Newsletter