These resources reside in a portal which can accessed by registered universities and their representatives. The portal is hosted by the Queensland University of Technology through a QUT BlackBoard site.

Registration and Access Procedure

To access the portal, please complete the following steps:

  1. Contact Mike Griffin via email with the following details:
    1. Full Name
    2. Organisation
    3. Contact details (phone and email)
    4. Reason for application to access the API Curriculum resources
  2. You will be contacted by Mike Griffin upon receipt of your registration.
  3. When you have received your login details, follow the login process as described below:
  4. To access blackboard using your new accounts follow the steps (Guidelines for Access to Resources) click here

Terms of Use

No part of any module or any of its resources may be reproduced without permission. Usage of any module and its resources can only used under the following conditions:

  • Copyright belongs to the University of the Author/s of the module. Author/s details are provided in each of the resources.
  • Proper attribution should be given to the Author/s and API by using the following citation format:
    [Author Surname], [Initial [Year]. [Title]. Retrieved [Month] [day], [year] from Collaborative Power Engineering Centres of Excellence Program:
  • Users may not use any of the resources for commercial purposes.
  • Users may not alter, transform, or build upon any of the modules, their content and related resources. Content of slide presentations may be transferred to user’s presentation templates but must use the proper citation as described above.
  • For any reuse or distribution, users must make clear to others the license terms of these resources.
  • Any of these conditions can be waived if users get permission from API and the Author/s.
  • Any request for access to the curriculum and resources, requests for modification of content and format of the resources must be made by contacting API University Representative (see details below).