As the power industry is anxiously keen to increase diversity amongst engineering roles, The Australian Power Institute has part funded a number of women in power engineering university programs including the program at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and also at the University of Queensland (UQ) to help promote this message.

The API feels passionate about this issue, therefore has developed various strategies and initiatives to help promote and deliver this message. You can read more information in the newsletters linked below with highlight a few of the most recent initiatives and events that strive to increase the number of female students involved in engineering roles across Australia.


Dr. Alex Bannigan reminded us in her 2014 WiE annual report that: “Women make up over 50% of the adult population, but less than 20% of the people designing and building the world we live in. Business leaders know well that diversity improves problem solving: the more different kinds of people you have working on a problem, the better solution you are likely to get. Gender equity in engineering will benefit society, businesses and individual women.”


In a powerful diversity statement by Stephanie Crawley (Development & Communications, UQ WiE), Ms. Crawley stated: “Engineers are society’s problem solvers. As every problem solver knows, the more inputs that are known, the easier the problem is to solve. The best engineering team must therefore be as diverse as the society they work in.

Diversity eliminates silo thinking, fosters innovation and helps break down prejudices and subconscious biases. Most importantly, diversity is proven to generate better performing and more creative teams. Women in Engineering are diversity’s first step towards a better world!”

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