API Masterclass

The Australian Power Institute organises a series of intensive Master Class courses, specifically designed to refresh and boost the knowledge of current and upcoming industry professionals. These courses, that include a range from 12-25 participants, are held at various locations across the nation, allowing for easier accessibility to all participants. The courses usually consist of two days of intensive training including lectures, key speaker presentations and shared insight to experience from current industry professionals.

Examples of Past/Future API Masterclass topics:

  • IEC 61850 Systems Integrations
  • Systems & Commisioning Testing
  • Masterclass in Engineering Change
  • Inclusion & Diversity Masterclass
  • API & Cigre Masterclass in High Voltage Insulators

Please contact us if you/your company has a specific area/topic in which your team could use a Masterclass. We are happy to contact our network and see if we can get a series organised to address current gaps in the industry.